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Supporting our library since 1992

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About us


"We were a small volunteer staff not only making policy, but also raising our funding needs in a small town with big dreams. Our Friends were the small community who knew how important a library of this caliber would be to a growing Buda."  -Barbara Pecuch, President of the Library Trustees 1992

Founded in 1992, the Friends of the Public Library of Buda, Texas, is a member-supported nonprofit dedicated to fundraising and advocating for the Buda Public Library.

We remain a “small town with big dreams.” We believe the library is the heart of our communitywelcoming and bringing diverse groups of people together to learn and grow, and to access information and resources. 

The organization is led by a dedicated group of volunteers who work to ensure the library has the support it needs to remain a vibrant learning hub while serving a rapidly growing community. We do this by:

  • Raising funds to fill the gap between what local/state/federal government provides and the cost of additional programs, resources and services. 

  • Building awareness and promoting library services and programs.

  • Advocating for the library and the critical role it plays in our community. Strong libraries = strong communities!


    More than half of library programsfrom early literacy programs for toddlers, to summer programming and after school enrichment for kids and teens, to classes for adultsare funded through the Friends. Friends funding also supports the purchase of books for circulation (including downloadable books and audio books) and online resources available to patrons of all ages (Mango Languages and World Book Online). 

    Buda Public Library programs and materials funded directly through the Friends in the last five last years have included:

    • Computers for staff and public use 

    • Youth and adult programming 

    • Books, audio books, ebooks

    • Online resources

    • 3D Printer, Laptop and Supplies 

    • Makerspace clerk salary for 1 month 

    “I’m a Friend because I believe libraries can transform their communities. From free access to books and other materials, to providing learning experiences to the public, the library is here to help the community grow and thrive. Being a Friend allows me to play a small role in forming a stronger and more connected Buda.”  - Jen Rios

    Through the generosity of members and local business partners, the Friends has been a major contributor to the success and growth of the Buda Public Library for more than 25 years. Maintaining and expanding digital services and resources is a critical need in our growing community. 

    The library needs Friends now more than ever! From its humble beginnings as a shelf in City Hall to the present day modern vibrant learning hub, the library's continued success depends on your support. 

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